Card Catalog Creations by Keith DuQuette are unique, handcrafted, miniature reading nooks made entirely out of retired library catalog cards. These domestic room-scapes are mounted on a rigid catalog card featuring a book-filled shelf, a chair, a table, and perhaps a plant or two creating a lovely literary tableau. Perfect for book lovers and lovers of miniatures.

I worked in library preservation at several major New York City museum libraries for a number of years. One day, I felt compelled to create a miniature house made of retired library catalog cards. I found the card stock to be quite satisfying to fold and glue. This led to the construction of a series of miniature catalog card book-filled bookshelves, which were used for fundraising for the museum’s libraries. Eventually, I started to construct tables, chairs and plants, etc. that now comprise the miniature paper sculptures you see here in my Card Catalog Creations online shop.